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At RPS Advisory Group, I provide specific, measurable and timely advice solutions which helps my clients achieve a greater sense of financial certainty for them and their family.

What We Do

Areas we specialise in are:

  • Risk Protection – Insurances & Estate Planning
  • Cashflow advice that delivers specific, timely & measurable results using our our unique money management tool.
  • RPS Wealth Portal – All your accounts in one place with one login – bank accounts, home loans, insurance policies, investments and more

Who We Help

Many of my clients are:

  • Young families, couples or small businesses who have a desire to properly plan but lack the time and knowledge to best achieve their desired outcomes
  • Those whose family have grown up and they are now contemplating some changes in their lives
  • Divorcees seeking greater financial clarity and/or awareness of their current and future situation
  • Professionals with a passion for their industry and the financial security for them and their family
Andrew Dwyer


We specialise in the following services:

Do you have lost super?

Did you know that over 6.4 million working Australians have more than $12.9 billion sitting in lost super funds?

This means 1 in 2 working Australians has a lost superannuation account.

If you are one of the millions of Australians with lost super, we can help you.

We can save you all the hassle by consolidating your super and then transferring it into the fund of your choice.

Click here to contact us about Superannuation.

What is it?

Deciding to protect those who depend on us using life insurance protection is a responsible and caring act. Life insurance can provide those who are left behind with a lifetime of financial security.

Your income can be considered your family’s most valuable asset. Your income is used to obtain the necessities of life and provide for life’s comforts. The need for that income continues, whether or not you’re here to provide it.

The following situations signal a need to consider purchasing life insurance:

  • You have a spouse, domestic partner, children, and/or an ageing parent or disabled relative—and your retirement pension and savings are not enough to insure your dependents’ future
  • You have a sizeable estate.
  • You own a business.
  • Life insurance can help loved ones maintain their standard of living after your death.

How can we help you?

At RPS Advice we will  provide tailored recommendations on:

  • the right amount of cover for your lifestyle;
  • the best way to structure your policy;
  • whether to have insurance cover inside or outside of super;
  • high cover requirements for people with significant financial obligations;
  • how to navigate the underwriting process; and
  • what to do at claims time.

As part of our ongoing relationship with you, we can also conduct an annual review of your life insurance, to check if your insurance products and level of cover still match your lifestyle.

Click here to contact us about personal risk insurance


To ensure that the surviving partners in a business and their families are financially secure in the event of death or disability.
Often agreements between shareholders or partners in a business don’t have plans that cover exiting the business or valuations. This could lead to disputes between shareholders, families and sometimes the only option is to wind up the business and start again.

Why is it important?

If something happened to your business partner without an agreement in place:

  • Would their family and estate agree with your valuation?
  • Would their beneficiary of shares want to work in the business or need to sell as soon as possible?
  • Would you need to borrow money or sell assets to fund the purchase of the shares?

These are just some of the questions to ask, unfortunately too many businesses don’t have a formal agreement in place between the business owners.

Other Considerations

Structuring the agreement and funding is essential to ensure that the proceeds filter to the right beneficiary. Too often we see business succession plans set up incorrectly and this leads to disaster. At RPS Advisory Group we manage the whole process for you, ensuring valuations are agreed upon, family members are kept informed and the legal agreement provides what you need when you need it.

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What is it?

No Personal or Business insurance is complete without the appropriate Estate Planning put in place.

After building a substantial asset base over your working life, it is important to ensure your Estate planning is set up correctly to pass “the right funds, into the right hands, at the right time”. As a minimum requirement this means ensuring you have up to date Wills and Powers of Attorney in place. In addition to this, attention should be given to ensuring your assets are transferred as tax efficiently as possible, and are protected for the benefit of your chosen beneficiaries

As part of our services, we refer to a specialist Estate Planner that can provide you with the relevant legal guidance. You may also wish to consider whether to engage any other professionals to assist in addressing your Estate planning needs.

Click here to contact us about estate planning

What is it?

Key person insurance is simply life insurance on the key person in a business. In a small business, this is usually the owner, the founders or perhaps a key employee or two. These are the people who are crucial to a business–the ones whose absence would sink the company. You definitely need to consider key person insurance on those people.

How does it work?

A company purchases a life insurance policy on its key employee(s), pays the premiums and is the beneficiary of the policy. If that person unexpectedly dies, the company receives the insurance payoff. The reason this coverage is important is because the death of a key person in a small company can cause the immediate death of that company. The purpose of key person insurance is to help the company survive the blow of losing the person who makes the business work

How do you determine who needs this insurance? Look at your business and think about who is irreplaceable in the short term. In many small businesses, it’s the owner who holds the company together–he may keep the books, manage the employees, handle the key customers and so on. If that person is gone, the business pretty much stops.

 Click here to talk to us about key person insurance

What is it?

We believe that cashflow management is the foundation of saving and investing, and should be the backbone of any comprehensive financial advice plan.

By focusing on your earn/spend/save we can help ensure you have the right banking and lending structures that promote positive spending habits, reduce interest payments, and allow you to take control of where your money is going.  One of the simple targets we have is to make sure our clients generate a 20% ‘savings’ per pay period from your personal household ‘profit & loss’ statement.  Through detailed modelling we know that this is one of the first steps to gaining Financial Independence.

At RPS we focus on providing advice and coaching on saving, budgeting and cashflow management in a bid to help clients take greater control of their financial lives and actively share the responsibility and satisfaction of achieving their goals and objective.

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  • Paul and Stacey Benson, Geelong, Victoria

    Thanks again for making the whole process easy for us, we will certainly be recommending you to anyone who is looking for personal insurance

  • Sharon Isaak, Point Cook, Victoria

    Andrew was recommended to me at a personally difficult time in my life but his easy going nature, solid financial advice and way of simplifying things allowed me to feel that I was working with someone I could trust. Andrew has been able to set up a structure for my insurance, superannuation and household budgeting which is easy to follow and gives me control over my financial future

  • Paul, Werribee, Victoria

    Andrew is very responsive, and always follows up any tasks given to investigate and report on. Andrew is friendly and approachable, and with a mild manner and good communication skills

  • Tony & Claire , Geelong, Victoria

    We found Andrew extremely professional and his product knowledge was first class. We would have no problems recommending Andrew for any of the services he provides

  • Dr Mary Barson, Bellbrae, Victoria

     Andrew provided very clear and straight forward advice. For me, he really cut through the noise of the rather crowded and confusing income protection insurance market. I am very pleased with the advice he gave and the service he provided.

  • Sean O'Neill, Geelong, Victoria

    Less than $3k to go on my Westpac loan and I am going to get through this pay cycle without having to dip into my $720 Emergency Fund and should hopefully still have a few dollars left over in my spending’s account. It’s so good mate.I just know now I that when I lodge my 2017 tax return that debt will have disappeared!!Couldn’t have sorted all this without you my friend.insurance

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