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Why I love insurance

Well ok I don’t love it per say, but I do value the peace of mind it provides my family and I. See the last thing I would ever want is to be a financial burden on my family.

Let me share with you why I know first-hand the financial impact serious illness and death can have on a family. Growing up as an only child I experienced it a number of times. My mother bravely fought breast cancer for some 16 years eventually taking her in 2004. The financial impact first felt when she could no longer work as she spent considerable time in and out of hospital undergoing chemo.

I was too young at the time to realise how hard it was financially but I sure as hell knew it when I became ill at age 15 diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes. Services have come a long way since then but at the times the monthly costs beyond the pharmaceutical scheme were high.

In 2007 my father died suddenly. This time thankfully from a financial sense there was comfort knowing dad and I had put everything in place from an Estate Planning & funeral planning perspective after mum had passed away.

Which leads me too..

Trauma Insurance – Specifically Children’s Trauma Insurance

Everyone knows someone who’s been affected by a serious illness, like cancer. You know how devastating it can be. And how expensive treatment can be.

You can’t always prevent bad things from happening. But you can financially prepare yourself by taking out insurance. So if you ever get sick, all you have to worry about is getting better. This is what Trauma or Critical Illness does for you. But there is something better than this and that is Children’s Trauma Insurance. Here’s some of the benefits of this widely unknown insurance.

  1. Fantastic Benefit

The sum assured enables the working parent(s) to take time off work to spend with the child which is a huge facilitator/accelerator for the child’s recovery. It could also be handy for possible medical expenses.

  1. Cheap as Chips

Typically, $50,000 cover costs around $60 per annum

ð $100,000 cover = $120 per annum ($2.30 per week)

  1. Converts to Adult Trauma cover with NO UNDERWRITING at age 18-21 (depending on the product)

Further peace of mind for your children and your retirement plans are not impacted financially should serious illness ever strike.

I can only imagine the financial relief for my family had of this product been around in their day.

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